A unique bonding experience for you and your baby.

The Baby K'tan Baby Carrier enhances and promotes successful breastfeeding, shielding your baby from outside distractions while nursing. It can allow for discreet nursing in public - use the wide fabric and extra loop to shield your nursing baby from public view - and hands-free nursing, enabling you to go about your day.

Every individual is different. We suggest playing around with the different positions to see what works best for you. Practice breastfeeding in your wrap at home a few times in front of a mirror in order to get the hang of it. Wearing a nursing shirt may also be helpful but is not always necessary since the material of the Baby K’tan nursing sling can be spread over the baby to ensure privacy.

WARNING - Use extra caution and check on your baby often while breastfeeding in the Baby K’tan Baby Carrier to ensure that baby has a clear source of air. Always move the baby’s face away from the breast as soon as the baby is done feeding. Be sure to reposition your baby to a more upright position after breastfeeding.

Below are some tips on how to nurse in the Baby K'tan:

Breastfeeding in the Baby K'tan: Kangaroo Position

breastfeeding in the kangaroo position
Photo by @liverichmommy

While wearing your baby in the Kangaroo position, shift your baby so that he/she is in a more reclined position, putting baby's head at your breast. This step may be easier for some individuals than others - you may need to shift and reposition your baby a few times so that he/she is able to reach your breast. Flip the inside fabric of the loops outward so that your baby can reach your breast and lift or lower your shirt on the nursing side, or wear a nursing shirt. You may find that you need to support your baby's head a bit with your hand or forearm. For optimal privacy, you can spread the breastfeeding sling material across your shoulders and use the outer (second) loop to cover your baby while nursing and act as a nursing cover. You can also tie the sash for further support and coverage. This position may be the easiest for on the go nursing and for smaller babies.

Breastfeeding in the Baby K'tan: Hug Position

Breastfeeding in the Hug Position

Place your baby in the Hug Position and then shift the whole carrier, including your baby slightly downward. If needed, you can also shift baby to your side - either shift baby to the side your are going to nurse on or shift baby to the opposite side and tilt him/her to your opposite breast. Line up you baby's head and face to your breast. Next, pull your shirt up/down or wear a nursing shirt. Lift your baby to your breast. Spread the material across your shoulders for more privacy if desired. Tie the sash around as you normally would in the Hug position. You may need to support the baby's head with your hand or forearm.

Breastfeeding in the Baby K'tan: Hip Position

Breastfeeding in the Hip Position
Photo by @angel_andcompany

Place your baby in the Hip Position and lift your shirt (or wear a nursing shirt) at the breast nearest to baby. You may need to lift your breast up to baby. The Hip Position is over one shoulder and is not entirely hands-free, so you may need to keep one arm supporting baby.

Breastfeeding in the Baby K'tan: Wear One Loop

Breastfeeding While wearing one loop of the carrier

If you find that nursing in the K'tan is trickier for you. If you are unable to shift your baby to find a position which works for breastfeeding, try removing the outer loop from your shoulder (essentially wearing half of the carrier) and nursing in this manner. Removing the outer loop will loosen the breastfeeding carrier a bit and give you more freedom. You can then use your sash or the outer loop as a nursing cover. Use extra caution when breastfeeding this way and keep one arm around your baby at all times - this position is not completely hands-free.

Use the Baby K'tan as a Nursing Cover

Nursing can also be done without actually wearing the Baby K'tan. This method is beneficial if you are out in public (i.e. restaurant, mall, somewhere you are sitting and need to breastfeed with privacy). Simply layer the two loops together as you would for the Hip position. Place the loops on the opposite shoulder from your nursing side. Hold your baby as you normally would to breastfeed, stomach to stomach, while spreading the Baby K'tan fabric over your baby's head and covering you. In this sense, the Baby K'tan acts as a nursing cover.


Here are some additional breastfeeding tips from the Leaky Boob:

A Little milk goes a long way

At Baby K'tan we want what is best for you and your child, and we believe that breastfeeding enhances the mind, body, and soul. Some of the benefits attributed to breastfeeding are:

  • No refrigeration required - food is always ready - no preparations in the middle of the night and no boiling bottles, it's just the right temperature every time. Available fresh and instantly for hungry baby so it is easier to be on the go
  • It strengthens the baby's immune system
  • It promotes bonding between baby and mother
  • It enhances appropriate jaw, teeth and speech development as well as overall facial development
  • It benefits the mother (shrinks uterus faster, lowers risk of breast, ovarian and endometrial cancers, promotes weight loss, lowers risk of osteoporosis, protects against anemia and release for mother hormonally causing calmer feelings)
  • Benefits to the baby last a lifetime (less risk of obesity, higher IQ, less chance of ear infections and other sickness; it lowers risk of diabetes, food allergies, SIDs; breastfeeding lowers cardiovascular risk later in adult life and lowers chances of a stroke in adult life
  • Diapers of a breastfeed baby are less malodorous than a formula fed baby
  • Human milk is specially designed for human babies, Colostrum is the perfect first food. It is exactly what baby needs - just the right mix of vitamins and minerals
  • It saves money - Free (cheaper than formula by a long shot)
  • Working goes smoothly when the nursing relationship is maintained
  • It is all natural. It is better for the environment - there is ZERO waste

What do doctors and lactation consultants say about the Baby K'tan:

Andrew S. Rubin, PhD, child psychologist & professor in child development and infant mental health at NSU, states "Studies have proven that wearing your baby will facilitate mental growth and development, and using a Baby K'tan will promote the carrying for much longer due to its versatile functionality, ease of use & strength limit, as compared to the other carriers on the market."


Knowledge is power, we encourage you to know all you can - we recommend visiting the La Leche League website or contacting your local La Leche chapter. Go to www.llli.org for details.