Q: Can I wear my baby in the Pet K'tan Carrier?

A: The Pet K'tan is made for pets. It has not been tested for use with babies, therefore it is not safe or recommended.

Q: What is the age/weight limit of the Pet K'tan?

A: The Pet K'tan is recommended for use with pets up to 20lbs. Be sure to follow all instructions and safety tips when wearing your pet in the Pet K'tan.

Q: What size Pet K'tan Pet Carrier should I buy?

A: The Pet K'tan is offered in sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL. Sizing is based on your fitted dress size or jacket size. Please refer to our sizing calculator to determine your size. If you are in-between sizes, we recommend choosing the smaller size.

Q: I am a plus-size human. Will the Pet K'tan fit me?

A: A: Yes, of course! We offer our size XL which accommodates women's dress sizes 22-24 and men's suite size 50. As you may know, women's size 2X is the equivalent to number (or dress sizes) sizes 18-20 and women's size 3X is the equivalent to number sizes 22-24.

Q: Can my partner and I share the same size?

A: The Pet K'tan is meant to be fitted, like a snug article of clothing. Two people can share one carrier if they are around the same size, however if one size will fit your partner and a different size would fit you, we would recommend that you each purchase your own size to have a secure fit. The Pet K'tan carrier comes in unisex sizing.

Q: Is the Pet K'tan Carrier adjustable?

A: The Pet K'tan is a sized item and does not have any buckles, snaps or rings that need to be adjusted. When the correct size is purchased, the Pet K'tan will fit the wearer securely.

Q: Can I carry 2 pets at the same time?

A: We recommend wearing one Pet at a time, and having a second human wear the second Pet. Safety is the #1 priority! It is also still an immense help to be able to wear one Pet and have your hands free to tend to the other!

Q: How do I wash and dry my Pet K'tan Carrier?

A: Our Pet K'tan Pet Carriers are made of soft fabrics (no buckles or snaps) and are machine washable and dryer safe. Care Instructions: Machine wash cold, with like colors only. Non-chlorine bleach when needed. Tumble dry low. Wash separately before first use. *For carriers with Spandex, hang dry and do not iron.

Q: Will my Pet K'tan Pet Carrier shrink after washing?

A: The Pet K'tan Pet Carrier is designed to stretch with use and tighten up in the wash. Accordingly, the carrier may feel a bit snug after washing; however, the cross stretch of the fabric enables the K'tan to stretch back out.

Q: Is the Pet K'tan Carrier comfortable for my back?

A: Yes! The patented double loop carrier with an adjustable back support band is ergonomically designed to distribute pet's weight across the wearer's back and both shoulders, allowing the wearer to comfortably carry small pets up to 20lbs. The Pet K'tan™ Pet Carrier is made entirely of soft breathable fabric. There are no latches, buckles, rings, snaps, or clasps. The cross-stretch of the fabric creates a deep, secure and cozy pouch allowing small pets to snuggle close to their owner's chest and heartbeat.

Q: Can I use the Pet K'tan Carrier while traveling?

A: Pets and their humans benefit from traveling with the Pet K'tan™ Pet Carrier. Pets enjoy the close proximity to their humans, as compared to traditional pet cages or enclosed bags. Pet parents enjoy the comfort and convenience of carrying small pets on their bodies, leaving their hands free to travel. The Pet K'tan™ Pet Carrier makes traveling with small pets a breeze!

Q: Is Petwearing good for my Pet?

A: Absolutely! Many animals feel anxiety navigating the big world around them. Keep them feeling safe and secure with the feeling of a gentle hug.

Q: Can I wear my special needs Pet in the K'tan?

A: Yes. Caring for pets with special needs can be a challenge to pet parents. Wearing pets in a Pet K'tan allows them to join their human as they take walks or go about many daily activities. Pets receive sensory stimulation, outdoors and indoors, while comfortably snuggling close to their wearer's chest.

Q: Can I wear my Service Dog in my Pet Carrier?

A: Yes, if you are wearing your Pet for emotional support, what better way than to have them close to your chest.

Q: What is your return and exchange policy?

A: We typically offer returns for product purchased through our website within 30 days; any product purchased through an independent retailer should be exchanged /returned through them. You can find our return/exchange policy here.