A Registry For Working Moms

by Bryant Figueroa on Mar 20, 2021

Life with a new baby is a juggle, but life with a new baby AND a career your passionate about is the whole circus.

To our beloved working mamas - we know how much the world asks of you. We know your long hours, the high standards you set for yourself, your pump-while-you-eat lunch breaks, the four or five pairs of shoes you probably have stacked in the trunk of your car. We know the heartbreak/joy combo of every goodbye and hello, how complicated and beautiful it is to love many things at once, how long the days can be and how quickly the hours fly by.

We're with you in your tough calls, your inspired projects, your whole-hearted parenting, your tightrope balance of softness and strength and determination. You inspire us to keep on keeping on. We're in this together.

And we're honored to be a piece of your endless circus puzzle, to play a small part in making your days a little simpler, a little more cozy, a little closer together. Baby K'tan is thrilled to be included in the Working Mother Registry, a back to work collection of products specifically curated to help simplify and ease your transition from maternity leave back to your daily routine. We hope our carrier and the other products you'll find here will remind you that we're routing for you, with you, and always on your side. You've got this, mama. Carry on.