Happy National Bosses Day

by Bryant Figueroa on Mar 20, 2021

National Bosses Day

Today is the day we say thank you. To our fearless leaders, or those who have a fear or two and lead anyway. To the innovators and long-hour-workers who keep us employed, keep us motivated, who encourage our growth and field all our best ideas. To the entrepreneurs who have brought us new products, new ways of thinking, new friends and tools and joys, and to the not-quite-yet bosses still dreaming, still opening up to everything they will become. To the informal bosses owning it at home, overcoming challenges, standing back up and beginning again. To the can-do boss spirit in all of us that keeps us coming back for more.

Thank you for the endless work and the tireless spirit you bring to our lives. Thank you for inspiring us to do more, reach higher, ask better questions. Thanks for making work feel more like fun Thanks for being our boss, and also - thanks for being our friend.

Who are you celebrating this National Bosses Day? Share or tag the employer who has made your world better, a friend who is just a boss at life in general, or someone you know is going to be an incredible boss someday.