Snuggle Season is Here!

by Bryant Figueroa on Mar 20, 2021

Snuggle Season is Here!

There's the smallest chill in the afternoon air, that sudden urge to pull your loved ones just a little closer, a fleeting whiff of fireplace smoke on the walk home from school. Autumn is settling in, the summer fading into the horizon, and we are snuggling close for colder day times. We are bundling up for harvest evenings. We are watching the sun set a little earlier as we pull out our warmest soft sweaters and light our candles to prepare.

Fall is a season of closeness, and we can't wait to see your sweet autumn selfies as you babywear your little one through corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and long walks in the falling leaves. May this season bring you every excuse to cuddle, and may your Baby K'tan wrap keep you cozy and ready for all of your autumn adventures. May there be just the right number of pumpkin flavored treats and plenty of time to enjoy the beauty of summer's close. May you count each precious second of the shortening days, because this magical time is only here for a moment.

Cuddle up, loves. We have a whole new season to celebrate. <3

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