10 Snug-worthy Reasons Moms Love Baby K'tan

by Bryant Figueroa on Dec 19, 2017

With the excitement and rush of the holiday season, isn’t it remarkable how it also brings us down to earth? Our hearts warm. We reflect on all that we have. We appreciate the gift of family, friends, health, humor, celebration, and a balanced feeling of gratitude.

We at Baby K’tan are blessed to feel the love shared among our babywearers every day. “Convenience and ease”, “comfort and peace-of-mind”, “amazing customer care”, “hands-free productivity”, “versatility”, “a favorite accessory”. . .

These wonderful, informative, honest reviews fill and warm our hearts daily, posted on our own website,, as well as on the sites of our partner retailers: BuyBuyBaby,, Target, and more.

Below is a compilation of gratitude-filled glimpses into the Baby K’tan Year in Review - 2017.

Thank YOU, for sharing the love! This has been another beautiful year of #thesnuglife.

1. Hands-free mama

Posted by Ashley on Jul 3rd 2017

I knew when I was registering for my baby shower, that I wanted a wrap style carrier. I saw ones that would need multiple people to help you/baby get all wrapped up. I wasn't interested in one like that, being I'm home all day with baby, alone. When I came across the Baby K'tan Carrier, I knew it was the one for me. I read nothing but excellent reviews so I decided to give it a shot. I have to admit, when I first got it, it was a little hesitant to put her in it, because I was afraid I was going to do it wrong. But just recently I got up the courage to use it. She was so comfy in it, she slept the whole time! And I was hands free so I was able to get a ton of stuff done! I definitely recommend this carrier to all moms. It's super comfy/versatile and easy to use.

2. Everything about this company & product is amazing!

Posted by Alyisa on Aug 17th 2017

I am so pleased with this company! I read great reviews on this product and wanted to give it a try! All the other wraps on the market are so intimidating! My only concern with this baby carrier was my size and the fact that it's tailored to fit based on dress sizes. I am very, very, thin and petite and was worried the XS wouldn't fit me well, and I was right! There was just so much fabric and my baby seemed to hang too low and wasn't supported enough, so I went straight to the website where I saw a sizing calculator! I entered my height, pre-pregnancy weight and it told me I was an "XXS". I had no idea this size was even sold! I sent an email out to the company asking a question but didn't get a response soon enough and so I just placed my order! When I

heard back, Jamie was so helpful answering all of my questions and told me this new size was just launched the week before! (Which I am totally ecstatic about!) She informed me about this being a local company and she would even personally deliver my carrier and refund me the shipping charge! I can't express enough how awesome my whole experience with this company was! My XXS carrier fits us perfectly and my baby absolutely loves it! Thank you to this amazing company for this amazing product!!

3. Amazing for special needs child. 

Posted by Nina Payton on Dec 4th 2017

My son has 2 heart defects causing him to be very fussy. Shopping has been very difficult until I received the Baby K’tan today. For the 1st time in two months I was able to shop without my baby screaming. He was snuggled up in the hug position & just plainly at peace. I ordered the original carrier, which is going to be great for the cold winter but I will be ordering the K’tan active or breeze for the spring. I am 100% satisfied & in love with this carrier. Thank you for giving me a little peace.

4. Convenient, and so easy to put on.

Posted by John on Nov 9th 2017

I put dissertation-quality research into baby carriers when I found out my little guy was coming. Everything from the heavy artillery of the structured carriers to the spider webs of wrapping up a 20' piece of cloth. I CAN NOT stress enough how convenient this wrap is. The double loop design means if you can put on a vest or a seat belt, you CAN put on this wrap. I was skeptical of the security this wrap with give my baby but I throw my little man in and cook, we go shopping and it feels like he is stuck to me like Spider Man. The best advice I could give, aside from BUYING THIS WRAP, would be to buy two!!

5. Budget-friendly with exceptional customer service.

Posted by Michelle on Jan 5th 2017

When my son was born (Dec. 2014), I struggled finding a baby carrier that didn't involve 800 ft. of fabric or weird backpack contraptions. While pregnant with my second child, several moms had recommended a Baby K'Tan, but with a tight budget I wasn't sure how we would swing it. I discovered the Previously Loved option on their website and couldn't be happier with my purchase! Not only was this option within my budget, but my Previously Loved Baby K'Tan came wrapped as though it was brand new. It was clean, folded and included an instruction manual. I had some issues with sizing & reached out to Customer Service and had the matter resolved in less than 30 minutes. Between the carrier itself, the option to buy gently used & the exceptional customer service, I'm officially a lifetime customer of Baby K'Tan. So impressed!!! Thank you for making life a little easier for this new mama.

6. Perfect carrier for me!

Posted by SML on Jun 3rd 2017

We did a ton of research for carriers prior to our little one arriving. We had a prenatal Down Syndrome diagnosis, so we knew a "hip healthy" product was important to us. I will admit, when I first saw the K'tan in stores, I was skeptical. It seemed too simple to be as great as it claims. The simplicity is actually the best part. No crazy wrapping, easy to use, easy to wash. The size charts are spot on, so don't size up. Breathable, fun colors. Can't wait to buy this for my sister who is due this fall.

7. Awesome - I can't image life without it.

By Sarah15 from Dayton, OH

My sister recommended that I purchase the Baby K'tan and I am so glad I listened. I wear our baby girl multiple times a day in this! It is lightweight, easy to put on and simple to move baby in and out of it, all the while giving her proper support. I can even transfer her from K'tan to car seat and her bed without waking her up. This is one of the top baby items I have received and I truly cannot imagine life without it! Here's to many more happy days of hiking, shopping, housework and getting baby to sleep with my Baby K'tan!

8. Easy to use, super versatile.

Posted by Jessica on Aug 11th 2016

I absolutely love this carrier! It is easy to use and super versatile! It is really comfortable for me to wear, and my baby seems to really like it too. Baby K'tan has amazing customer service as well! I received the carrier for a gift at my baby shower, but found it was the wrong size after using it for the first time. I was able to exchange the carrier for the correct size hassle free even though it wasn't originally purchased directly through Baby K'tan. Super friendly and super responsive people. I could not be happier with the service I received! I would recommend Baby K'tan to anyone!!

9. Best way to snuggle and be productive.

Posted by Katie TerBush on Apr 17th 2017

I didn't know I needed a K'Tan until it was given to me as a gift. Wearing my little one has been amazing for so many reasons. I wear him when I need to get things done around the house, or when he needs extra snuggles and I want to be hands free. I've even worn him to sleep to keep him settled rather than swaddle him, and as long as I'm sitting up, I feel confident that my son is ok and comfortable. He also has really bad gas and sitting in the frog position helps keep him relieved. This is by far my favorite accessory for my baby and I!

10. A dream with a newborn!

Posted by Meredith Gamer on May 2nd 2017

I absolutely love this product. My son was born 10 days ago and I've already used the K'tan 4 times to carry him back and forth to pediatricians appointments. It's like magic -- as soon as he's in it and I start walking or moving around a bit, he's perfectly calm. Often

he falls asleep (and stays that way) for the entire time he's in it. Couldn't recommend it more highly.

To you, our babywearing community, we always appreciate and encourage your feedback. We share the love to inspire better, brighter, peace-filled wishes for #thesnuglife, and continued health and happiness for all, as we enter 2018!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from our Baby K’tan family to yours!