4 Parenting Sanity Savers to Simplify Life With Baby

by Bryant Figueroa on Apr 02, 2018

Parenting is a beautiful journey that requires you to be adaptable at all times. However, it doesn't have to be as stressful if you prepare in advance. What works for you at one point, may not work later but there are some tried and true sanity savers that work for a lot of families. Our top four sanity savers for simplifying life with baby are below. What would you add to this list? 

Sanity Saving Baby Tip #1:

Got a fussy babe who isn't interested in sleeping very long? Swaddling baby can lead to longer sleep periods, may reduce the risk of SIDS and soothe a crying baby. Use a breathable blanket (like our newborn swaddle made from the same fabric as our BREEZE carrier) to help prevent baby from overheating.

Sanity Saving Baby Tip #2:

Wearing baby in the Hug or Kangaroo Positions will allow for baby to remain upright and place slight pressure on baby’ belly, helping with colic and a tensed tummy. Bounce and shush to sooth while wearing baby in the carrier to alleviate discomfort.

Sanity Saving Baby Tip #3:

When traveling on an airplane, breast or bottle feed during takeoff and landing. This will help baby equalize and pop their ears with minimal or no pain. Babywear for discreet nursing and a snug (and safe) hold while traveling as a family.

Sanity Saving Baby Tip #4:

Being prepared is half the parenting battle. Keep helpful items packed at all times in the event of stressful situations. Bring along an extra snack and drink in a cooler pocket (for baby AND mom) to prevent fussy hangry children. Store basic first aid items in one of your pockets or in the pacifier pouch in case of emergency. Pack an extra change of clothes and plenty of diapers and wipes for those messy moments. Use the wet bag to keep germy items separate from the rest. Tablets are a great item to pack for entertaining older siblings, and don’t forget the lovies for the little ones. 

Parenting can be a lot less stressful when you think and plan in advance how you might tackle common scenarios like a baby who is struggling to sleep or who might have an unexpected blow-out while on-the-go. You've got this!