Adaptive Wearing

by Bryant Figueroa on Mar 23, 2016

“I always say that a baby carrier is one of the safest places you can have your baby, which is nice of course, because that is really where baby wants to be – snuggled up close and secure.” – Joanna McNeilly, Center for Babywearing Studies

…and this is why we decided to host a Facebook chat on Adaptive Babywearing – babywearing for parents with disabilities. These parents bring a special gift to their parenting: they understand the need for adapting. For most parents, wearing a newborn seems like a simple concept, but for a wheelchair-bound mom or dad, choosing the right infant sling carrier can be of the utmost importance. We invited a panel of experts, along with a few adaptive parents, to discuss the ways in which a carrier can assist them and how to choose the perfect one.

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