Baby Carrying in the time of Covid-19

by Bryant Figueroa on Mar 20, 2021

Baby Carrying in the time of Covid-19

During times of great uncertainty and upheaval, a carrier can be a place of both safety and stability for a child. Here are some reasons why using a baby carrier can benefit during a pandemic.

  1. Hands are free for washing. We hear the experts loud and clear, vigilant hand washing is more important than ever. Having baby safe on our bodies means our hands are free to wash, wash, and wash again.
  2. Hands free for older children. Keeping them out of harms way, even while social distancing can mean holding hands while walking outdoors. While it’s important to maintain distance from others, for our safety and theirs, for many this still means daily walks and outdoor play time for mental health, exercise and Vitamin D. A carrier can facilitate a stress relieving and interactive experience for all involved.
  3. Hands free for schooling, household tasks, and working from home. Our new norm looks different for every household, but a carrier can help keep baby happy while completing necessary work. You don’t have to wear baby all day, but a carrier is a tool that can help achieve goals.
  4. Breast/chest feeding means access to antibodies. Being able to feed on demand, frequent feeding and contact creates antibodies, one of the best ways to protect them from illness. Also great for hands free bottle feeding, even by other caregivers.
  5. Fabric can easily be washed and sanitized, whereas plastic and other hard surfaces tend to be harder to clean and allow bacteria to grow. Wheels and handlebars of a stroller invite contact from others and track germs into the home. Carriers worn close to the body leave less opportunity to make contact with other surfaces. Please follow your carrier manufacturers instructions for washing, or contact them directly to ask questions about additional cleaning methods that can be taken.
  6. During times of stress, our babies sense our moods and anxiety, it can even affect breastmilk supply and contents, as the stress hormone cortisol can be secreted in milk. Touch, interaction and responding to baby’s cues is one of the best ways to reassure them. Holding baby is the ultimate way to help regulate their body systems and increase feel good and bonding hormones like oxytocin. This isn’t just for baby, but the wearer as well.
  7. Naps on the go can be key for a busy lifestyle. While this may not be the norm for your family, many cultures around the world rely on a carrier for “wrap naps” to be able to continue on with tasks and daily life. For those that don’t have a set schedule for naps, many find that a carrier can be helpful in establishing new patterns and even make nighttime sleep sweeter.

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A note to please follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization when it comes to your health and safety involving Covid-19. If you suspect you or someone you have come in contact with has Covid-19, please phone or message your primary healthcare provider for specific instructions. Stay home and social distance following your local city, state and country guidelines.