Baby K'tan's Top 5 Baby Carrier Fit Tips

by Bryant Figueroa on Jan 31, 2018

We totally get that wearing your baby the first few times can be a bit intimidating. Maybe you are unsure of sizing or perhaps your confidence isn't immediate. Don't let these thoughts get you down. We are here to help and we'll be answering some common fit questions below. Read our baby carrier tips, keep practicing and stay confident. You'll quickly enjoy the many benefits of babywearing!

A Bit About K'tan

The Baby K'tan Baby Carrier is a fitted carrier sized for the individual wearing the baby. What this means is that mom and dad may need a different sized infant wrap carrier. Prior to making your Baby K'tan Baby Carrier purchase, you should use our  sizing tool to determine the best fit for the person who will wear the child. Our unique patented double-loop design will ensure a snug fit when you choose the right size. 

When you're wearing your baby, we want you to remember to always do  a safety check so you know you and baby are safe and happy. 

We also want you to keep in mind the following fit tips for the  Baby K'tan Baby Carrier:

1. Baby Should Always Be Visible and Kissable 

Baby should be in view at all times and high enough that you can kiss the top of baby’s head. You should always be able to see baby’s face in order to monitor their position and ensure that baby’s chin is off his/her chest.

2. A Snug Fit is Always the Best Fit 

Your infant wrap carrier should be tight, with no loose fabric. If you are on the border of two sizes, you should choose the smaller size.

3. No need to size up as baby grows. 

A common misconception is that as baby grows you should up your carrier size. This is not the case. Your carrier has enough stretch to accommodate your growing baby up to 35lbs. Choose a carrier based on your pre-pregnancy sizing and it will work for the duration of your babywearing journey.

4. Different sized partner = different size carrier. 

Parents may not be able to share the same size Baby K’tan Carrier. Since the Baby K’tan is  a sized carrier, each individual should use the appropriate size K’tan for his/her personal fit. For mom, infant wrap size will be based on pre-pregnancy sizes.

5. Feet out, sash on. 

When placing your baby in a position where legs are free, the sash is required for extra support (sash is not required for Hip position, but is recommended). Baby should be in a natural seated position with knees bent and hips spread – straddling the wearer. Spread the fabric of the Baby K’tan between baby’s legs so that it reaches the bend in baby’s knees. Once positioned, tie on your sash to ensure proper support for baby and parent.

Keep these top baby carrier fit tips in mind and you'll be good to go while wearing baby. 

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