Babywearing - Keep Them Close Now More Than Ever

by Baby K'tan Press on Feb 24, 2021

We're living in a deeply stressful time full of new parenting challenges, and keeping baby close feels more important than ever.

Babywearing has always been our key to low-stress parenting - wearing our little ones has kept our hands free, helped us bond, and allowed our babies to learn and grow with ease. Now that we're facing the new habits and anxieties that come with parenting through a global pandemic, Baby K'tan is on hand to help you navigate the important practices that keep your family healthy and safe.

In this interview with our friends at ICU Baby, Baby K'tan President and Co-Founder Michal Chesal shares how your Baby K'tan can make COVID-19 parenthood just a little bit easier: 

Pressed for time? Here are the most important takeaways from their chat!

1. Newborn babies come with fragile, newborn immune systems. When you do need to venture out with your new baby, wearing them in your Baby K'tan gives YOU total control over their space, allowing you to limit their contact with others and maintain social distance. No unexpected strangers leaning over your stroller to say hello - baby stays close to you and safely shielded from unnecessary contact.

2. Between school closures, working from home, and attempts to stay quarantined, you're juggling a ton of responsibility. As simple as it seems, the freeing up of hands that babywearing offers is ESSENTIAL. Baby gets all the added benefits of being held close, while parents and caretakers are able to stay ahead of our new never ending to-do lists!

3. We're all relying heavily on our washing machines these days, and the Baby K'tan is washing-machine-durable enough to handle a cycle after every journey out into the world. Just toss it in with your t-shirts and rest easy that any germs you may have encountered are banished. The world is complicated enough - keeping things clean should be simple!

4. As we process the anxiety that pandemic life inevitably brings, babywearing can have an incredible calming effect on the entire family. Babies cry less and have more quiet alert time when carried, and babies and caretakers who babywear benefit from the anxiety-busting magic of oxytocin. There really is measurable power in a good snuggle, and Baby K'tan makes it easy to snuggle as much as your family needs.

We're sending all of you so much love, hope, and of course, all the socially distant snuggles we can manage as we move through this year together. May you and your family be well, be safe, and be held.