International Babywearing Conference 2016

by Bryant Figueroa on Jul 08, 2016




Babywearing has been a way of life for many cultures worldwide.

On July 14 th, in Atlanta, GA, we will be celebrating this during the four-day International Babywearing Conference. The conference is held every two years and includes babywearers from around the world, while offering educational sessions, networking, shopping and of course a little fun!

The conference will start on Thursday, with Registration and the Vendor hall opening late-morning, followed by breakout sessions after lunch. Sessions will take place on Friday, Saturday from 9 am – 4 pm. Sessions will continue on Sunday starting at 9 am and commence with the Keynote by Joanna McNeilly (Founder and President of the Center for Babywearing Studies).

Fun Facts about the International Babywearing Conference 2016:

2 – Years in between each conference

17 – The all-volunteer committee, three of whom share the chairperson duties

5 – The minimum number of After Parties happening

100+ – Breakout Sessions occurring over four days

700+ – Attendees

5000+ – Carriers, because…ya know, no one brings ONLY ONE!