Safe Babywearing Tips

by Bryant Figueroa on Jul 09, 2019

Safe Babywearing Tips

Feet Out, Sash On!

Snuggled close to your chest is statistically THE safest place for your little one to be. When you wear your baby, your bodies are in tune with each other - your temperatures interact, your breath synchronizes, baby sleeps and learns and develops healthy attachments - it's a world of bonding magic. We want to make sure this safe space for your little one is always the absolute safest it can be, so today, we want to have a quick chat about one of the Baby K'tan's trademark features - the sash!

There are 5 different ways to carry your baby in the Baby K'tan, and you need the sash for two of them - the Hug Position and the Adventure Position. Remembering which positions require the sash is easy - just check for toes! If baby's feet are out, your sash needs to be on - "Feet out, sash on!" is our memory-trick mantra.

In our feet-out positions, the sash provides an extra layer of stability for baby, helping to support their spine and maintain proper positioning while they wiggle, giggle, and explore. The sash should be tied snuggly, so that baby moves with your body, but not too tight - whether facing in or out, baby's spine should remain in a natural, gentle c-curve position. Making sure to secure your sash means more comfort, more security, and the absolute safest babywearing. #parentinggoals

Whenever you wear your baby, remember to do a quick TICKS check - is baby Tight, In view, and Close enough to kiss? Is her chin Kept off her chest, and is her spine and back Supported supported? Great! Now look for those toes - "feet out, sash on!" and off you go!

You've got this. <3