Safe, Happy and Healthy Baby On-the-go

by Bryant Figueroa on Sep 15, 2017

Being on-the-go with baby doesn’t have to be stressful, but there are definitely a few key things to keep in mind to ensure they are safe, happy and healthy.

From diaper blowouts to contracting pink eye, I have seen it all while on the road. As a mom of three, I have developed a few tried and true travel strategies and tips – some of which came from hard lessons learned along the way – and I am happy to share them with you!

Stock your diaper bag for any scenario

When my oldest was a newborn, we took a road trip from Virginia to Florida so my family could meet our little girl. As a first-time mom, I thought a few diapers, antibacterial wipes safe for babies, and a onesie would cut it for a packed diaper bag. Flash forward down the road and two blowouts later, I was literally throwing clothing into the trash and carrying a naked baby out to the car to hunt down replacements in our luggage.

Every time I tell that story, everyone asks why I didn’t just rinse out the messy clothing and save it to be washed. The answer is, I wasn’t prepared with anything to carry it around in and I decided to cut my losses on a $10 onesie to save my sanity. If there had been a bag like the Baby K’tan diaper bag with a built-in antibacterial wet bag for storing such offending items, I may have reconsidered. But alas, this did not exist twelve years ago.

Four years after my oldest daughter was born our twins came along. While on that same lengthy trip to Florida, I found myself in more than one grubby gas station with all three kids – and when you’re corralling a 4 year-old and toddler twins, it can be nearly impossible to ensure they remain germ-free, especially if you’re ill prepared. I’m pretty certain that’s why my girls picked up pink eye on that trip.

I was winning at this parenting thing, don’t you think?

When you are getting ready for a trip, try to consider all scenarios – nasty restrooms, traffic jams without a road exit in sight, or having to lay baby out in the back of an airplane to strip them down after they ruin an outfit.

Your packing list should include things like: food, band-aids, a thermometer and fever medicine, extra pacifiers, a lovey, a lap pad and blanket. Load up on diapers and antibacterial wipes safe for babies, and make sure to have some packed elsewhere in your luggage for re-loading the bag along the way, if possible. Don’t forget a change of clothes for you as well. Those baby accidents can cause mom to get messy too!

Add in some snacks for the adults (a hangry parent is not a patient parent) and water. Not all restaurants, and road-trip stops will have what you need, especially if you’re looking for healthy and inexpensive options.

Expect those unexpected germs when out and about

Pack regular and antibacterial wipes safe for babies, hand sanitizer and specific bags for storing dirty items. The Baby K’tan Diaper Bag has a built-in FDA approved antibacterial wet bag that is resistant to the growth of germs. It offers an antibacterial changing pad, and an antimicrobial pacifier pouch to help keep germs at bay.

Where was this during my airplane blowouts and road trip restroom stops?

It’s impossible to prepare for every scenario and avoid all germs, but you can make it more likely to experience less stress by considering the possibilities and throwing a few extra items into your diaper bag. Choose wisely and purchase a bag that can support the potential for mess. Then, just roll with it all as best as you can. When I look back on my diapering and toddler years, I am often entertained by the memories because there were moments of pure chaos, but we all survived and, quite frankly, there is truth in the saying that time flies. Your babies won’t be babies forever.

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