Scout Review: Baby K'tan Diaper Bag

by Bryant Figueroa on May 23, 2017

We put it to the #momlifeready test

Baby K’tan knows a thing or two about carrying. The brand has had a seat at the babywearing table for the past decade, and recently expanded their product line to include a diaper bag— the first to feature a built-in wet bag. They selected a team of StrollerTraffic Scouts to put it to the test, and from diaper changes in the bathroom of Target to impromptu week-long road trips, that they did. They’ve chronicled their adventures on Instagram under #momlifeready, and the hashtag proved more than true. While each Scout appreciated different details, they all agree this is one thoughtfully designed bag.


The Little Bag that Could

Austin Scout Michelle Green articulates the diaper bag conundrum perfectly: “it seems when one diaper bag is good for one day or outing, it just isn’t quite right for everyday use... but I knew right away this is a different product.” The Scouts found the bag stays thin when lightly packed, but were blown away by its ability to carry an impressive amount of stuff without feeling overwhelming in size or uncomfortably heavy. Boston Scout Kristin Quinn— mom of a 6 year old, 3 year old, and newborn— found this to be “the only bag that keeps up” when diaper changes “happen everywhere— gymnastics practice, school drop-offs, Target, you name it…I always feel prepared with this bag.” Chicago Scout Jesi Verchota loved "the dimensions of the bag… it's deep rather than extra long without any depth.” Fellow Chi Scout Becky Olsonpacked everything she needed for a baby and a toddler “with room to spare,” and Denver Scout Alexis Andersonmanaged to find space for her cellphone, full-sized wallet, and even some mom snacks.

It’s All In the Details

Hamptons Scout Nicole Delma notes the “pockets are well thought out and well placed” and while there are a whopping 14 of them, Greenwich Scout Fiona Hopkins found them “easy to navigate.” Philadelphia Scout Britney Harmon praised the pockets for being the perfect size for diapers and wipes, whereas in the past she has found interior pockets to be too small. The antimicrobial zip pouch is “the perfect size and place for pacifiers” according to Becky Olson, who calls the antimicrobial wet bag the “standout feature” of the bag. Britney Harmon left for a day exploring Boston with the wet bag packed with snacks (it's equipped with an FDA-approved lining, after all) and came home that evening with it full of soiled clothing from her adventurous toddler. Scouts in the throes of potty training found the wet bag to be a total lifesaver, containing the occasional accident— and even a portable toddler toilet seat. Britney Harmon and Alexis Anderson noted the wet bag was clutch for swimming lessons, and if you’re spending some time at the beach this summer, Nicole found the antimicrobial fabric “really perfect for the beach as wet, soiled, sandy gear and other items from nature often make their way into our diaper bags.”

Another favorite feature? The strap. Scouts noted it’s padded and comfy, and NYC Scout Olivia Patino found it painless carrying the bag on one arm and a baby in the other. The strap also allows for a cross-body option, and Becky Olson found the messenger style great for keeping the strap from falling off her shoulder. Olivia’s favorite feature is the stroller straps, but take note: they’re only compatible with open-handle strollers. While they’re weren't compatible with Jesi Verchota’s stroller, she used them as extra storage, looping a blanket through one and attaching her son’s favorite stuffed toy to the other on a weekend trip.

Nicole Delma called the solid black “by far the sleekest of all diaper bags I have yet to use” and appreciates that the “profile is classic, streamlined and low-key.” Becky Olson adds it’s a great unisex bag. Scouts have plans for the bag beyond the diaper days, easily seeing it as a gym bag, weekend bag, or even work bag (it has a padded pocket for your laptop). Scouts using the chevron and poppy prints did note the bag dirties easily— but Fiona Hopkins learned that it washes easy, too.

The Bottom Line

The bag worked for Scouts in all stages of life— from packing for baby’s first road trip, to schlepping a newborn around to his older siblings’ activities, to packing a day bag for two-under-two, to outdoor adventures— there is function here for everyone.

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