Senator Tammy Duckworth Makes History

by Bryant Figueroa on Apr 23, 2018

Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth made history Thursday by bringing her newborn daughter onto the Senate floor

Senator Duckworth wearing baby Maile in a Baby K'tan Breeze Baby Carrier
Photo credit: Washington Examiner, photographer Graeme Jennings

While snuggled in a Baby K'tan Breeze Carrier, baby Maile helps mom cast her vote

Only one day after the Senate voted to allow babies onto the chamber's floor, Sen. Tammy Duckworth wore her her 10-day old daughter with her to work so that she could be with her baby and still cast her vote on the Senate floor.

A historical moment for working parents

Senators voted unanimously on Wednesday to allow infants in the chamber; a monumental change towards a more family-friendly policy. The change sets an example for the nation and paves the way for our future female leaders who might run for Senate.

Ms. Duckworth - a double amputee and Iraq War veteran - praised her colleagues' vote for working parents.

“As tough as juggling the demands of motherhood and being a Senator can be, I’m hardly alone or unique as a working parent, and my children only make me more committed to doing my job and standing up for hardworking families everywhere."

Senator Tammy Duckworth Reports To Capitol Hill With Newborn Baby In Tow

We are so proud of this beautiful historical moment

Our hearts filled with joy when we first came across the news of Senator Duckwork baby wearing her beautiful newborn in what we believe to be the Baby K'tan Carrier. We are thrilled to see Mom and baby bond together through babywearing.

We feel a deep connection both when it comes to the challenges faced by working parents (after all, our company was founded by a working mom of three) as well as the more challenging struggle of a parent with disabilities (our founder's sister is in a wheelchair). In the past, we have worked towards educating and supporting adaptive parents, and have even held classes on  adaptive babywearing in the Baby K'tan.