Together Everyone Achieves More

by Bryant Figueroa on Feb 28, 2020

How does a dedicated team of 14 – each with different talents, skills, ideas to contribute, and solutions to present – work together toward a common goal?

Reach! Build! Balance! Discuss! Trust!

To kick off a collaborative and exciting Quarter 1 at Baby K’tan, our “work family” participated in a full week of experiential activities with the intention of fostering communication, encouraging team trust and bonding while having a ton of fun.

"’Team Week’, in essence is ‘team building’, and to me that is more like 'team bonding’!” says our President and Co-founder, Michal Chesal. “I love finding various types of activities to do with my staff for one week each quarter that will enhance social relations while helping to define roles within our greater Baby K’tan team. Collaborative tasks take place daily at Baby K’tan that have to be done in limited time – deeper thought and discussion is not always an option. Fun activities help people see each other in a different light, allow them to connect in a different setting. So, every quarter, I take the opportunity to bring our entire staff together in a more fun and relaxed setting, and I try to find activities that I believe will help improve team productivity, camaraderie, strengthen bonds among staff, bring us closer together and build trust.”

Baby K’tan’s quarterly Team Weeks have become a tradition we look forward to!

-Our intensive meetings provide us an opportunity to re-group and really listen to each other – in person. Together, we give and get quality ideas and feedback while making plans for next steps to bring our work to the next level. 

-Local volunteer and “give-back” opportunities afford our team a hands-on, fresh perspective, and a sense of pride as we work together to lift up our local and national communities. Weeks after any volunteer project, we are still talking about how it brought us together on an emotional and personal level.

(Learn about other organizations and charities Baby K’tan regularly supports/contributes to:

-Having just plain fun! – The celebration, cheering, and team spirit that comes with every team-bonding event always succeeds to motivate us and renew our connection as a team. 

Quarter 1 Team Week proved to be a successful and rewarding exercise in finding our common ground. We better understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and interests. That's a win-win in our book as we Keep Calm and Baby K’tan Carry On!