Working Out While Wearing Your Baby

by Bryant Figueroa on Oct 09, 2017

A workout while you wear your baby?! Yep, it's a thing. 

We partnered with the moms of Santa Clarita Valley Fit4Mom in California to show you how to work out while wearing your baby, because we want to make it possible for you to get that self-care into your regular routine.

As a new mom, there is nothing more important than self-care. It's difficult to be the best mom possible without caring for yourself in some way and working out with a group of moms is fantastic way to make it happen!

The  Fit4Mom chapters want you to know that they get it and they are right there, in the trenches with you :

You are not alone, Mama!

We understand that putting yourself out there is difficult, so we want to put you at ease:

  • If you are sleep deprived - so are we.
  • If you don't recognize your post-baby body and have a little anxiety about spandex - so do we.
  • If you are having trouble finding the time to work out - so are we.
  • If you are feeling emotional and overwhelmed - so are we.
  • If baby is fussy and you are afraid that they will cry during class - our babies cry too.
  • If you are experiencing baby blues or even postpartum depression - so are we.
  • If you haven't worked out in over a year - we haven't either.
  • If you feel a little awkward putting yourself out there and meeting new people - so do we.

What we mean by this is that our members can all relate to these things. You will find FIT4MOM members who have been through everything on that list. So set aside your doubts, adjust your schedule and get out there! 

Here are some of the baby carrier workout tips Fit4Moms shared on their Instagram as well as the Baby K'tan Instagram all-in-one post. IF you like what you see, head to the national Fit4Mom website to find a chapter near you! But first, check out this amazing workout you can do while you wear your baby.  

Bicep Curl

Maybe it’s always being hunched over feeding your baby. Or, maybe it’s the excessive spinal curves while carrying baby in utero and after birth. Whatever the reason may be, postpartum women tend to have tight & weak chest muscles, while their backs become stretched & weak. So, strap baby into a carrier like the  Baby K'tan, grab a resistance band, & try this elevated bicep curl to help strengthen the muscles in your upper body and correct postural issues.

Lateral Leg Raises

During pregnancy, the hormone relaxin allows for your ligaments to loosen so baby can make his way through the pelvis. In the aftermath, this can cause instability in the pelvis & the muscles surrounding will need to step it up to help you maintain stability.

Work on strengthening the gluteus medius muscle with lateral leg raises. Place one hand on a wall for balance, & the other around baby. Even though the  Baby K'tan Baby Carrier offers head and neck support, when doing certain exercises, adding extra support when wearing your baby is always a good idea. Point both knees forward, keep your supporting leg soft, & lift the outside leg straight off the ground.

Use Your Stroller, But Wear Your Baby

Did you know your baby & your stroller make EXCELLENT exercise tools? So grab your stroller, wear your baby in a carrier like the Baby K'tan and get movin’, Mama! 

A few tips for proper stroller form from a FIT4MOM Santa Clarita Valley postnatal fitness pro: Keep your shoulders down and back. Lead with your chest (or baby). 

1. Keep the stroller barre® at your hips. 

2.Push with your legs, not your arms. 

3.Make a full footprint with every step. 

4. Have fun! … Find a Stroller Strides® or Stroller Barre® class near you.

The snuggle is so real between this mama and her little one.


Look at this mama and her perfect lunge! Don’t even get us started on that precious baby. 

Postpartum women tend to have tight quadriceps & weak hamstrings muscles. The baby-weighted lunge is an excellent way to correct both of these problems AND love on your little while they are snug in the  Baby K’tan Baby Carrier!

Let’s take a moment to talk about a woman’s lower body. Her legs are her POWERHOUSE. Raise your hand if you spend all day bending down to:

✔️Pick up a dropped paci

✔️Clean up the food your toddler just threw on the floor

✔️Fold the stroller

✔️Grab the laundry basket

Lunges are a great way to strengthen the quadricep, hamstring, and gluteus muscles so that Y O U have the #strengthformotherhood. ((PAIRS WELL WITH: sweet, sleepy baby cuddles)) 


If you’re looking for a quick exercise that will *hurt so good* try a wall sit. Keep your back flat against the wall & your knees stacked just over your ankles. For some extra fun, look into your baby’s eyes while they are snug in their Baby K'tan Baby Carrier and sing a silly song. Just make sure that baby is visible and kissable at all times.

Mat Work with Baby to Activate Your Core

Whether you’re lifting weights or lifting babies, your core muscles help keep your body stable & balanced. The seated, single-leg knee raise is the perfect postpartum core exercise AND can be done while cuddling your little one ❤️ HOW TO:

1. Lean back until you feel your abdominal muscles engage.

2. raise one knee in toward your body & around baby 

3. repeat!

A little bit of self-care can go a long way and working out is a great way to do that. Put your little one in one of the best baby carriers for exercise, the  Baby K'tan Baby Carrier, and join your friends in a Fit4Mom class! Head over to the Santa Clarita Fit4Mom Blog and you'll find another 10 Minute workout that you can do while wearing your baby.

All images:  Mallery Kellog Photography

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