Happy Holidays!

by Bryant Figueroa on Sep 27, 2019

Happy Holidays!

‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house

Just one creature was stirring, as quiet as a mouse

As he tiptoed his way ‘cross the nursery floor

In hopes that he might finally get out the door

But the small newborn daughter, awake in her bed

Cried out to proclaim there’d be new plans instead

So he picked her up gently, soft head in his hands

And he snuggled her into the Baby K’Tan

Together, they snuck down the stairs to the tree

Counted four stockings hung where there used to be three

He bounced and he hummed and he poured a new cup

And he hoped no one else in the house would wake up

The moon was still bright on the new fallen snow

He looked out at the quiet street, the streetlamps aglow

While the babe on his chest fussed and wiggled and stirred

He thought back on the last few weeks, sleepless and blurred

Her bright blinking eyes, still so new to the world

Her sister’s big smile when they said “It’s a girl.”

And the family tucked into their tiny guest rooms

Who’d come from all over to meet her and swoon

And the way that his partner had stayed up late nights

Wrapping presents and tucking them safe out of sight

While this tiny new human slept sound on his chest

A stranger, now home, safe, and learning to rest

The light from the moon caught the curve of her cheek

Her dimples, how merry, her dark curls, how sweet

He imagined the long years of memories to come

All those tangled up pieces that make a place home

For tomorrow, her sister’d be up before dawn

Bouncing on beds yelling “Santa! Come on!”

And the floor would be covered in ribbons and bows

And they’d laugh and they’d yawn and make cinnamon rolls

But for now, in the silence, he stood in the hall

And he whispered a thank you to no one at all

For the way that life, sleepless and messy and hard

Can remind us just how very lucky we are

He kissed the small girl on the top of her head

Climbed up the stairs and put her back in bed

And captured by some sort of sweet Christmas whim

He whispered the words that where whispered to him

While he tiptoed away and he turned off the light

“Merry Christmas to all. And to all, a good night.”