Carry in Costume

by Bryant Figueroa on Oct 29, 2019

Carry in Costume

Halloween is eerily close, and it's officially time for the last-minute-costume-cake-walk-shuffle. You're haunted by memories of tearing through the dungeon depths of your closet, stitching pieces of long dead outfits together trying to bring something clever to life. Well never fear, babywearers, we've got three simple, sweet, spooky ways (designed by some deviously clevery fellow babywearing parents!) your Baby K'tan will have you cackling "It's alive!" while you take home the prize at this years' costume contest!

Ewok and Baby

Star Wars fans will pretty much melt when you come trick or treating with a baby Ewok on your hip. All you need is a hoodie with some felt ears (or an Ewok sweatshirt if you happen to have one), some eyeliner for your nose (naturally), and an Ewok baby costume and some fleece booties. Bonus - this one is going to keep everybody warm!!


This super simple costume can be assembled with supplies from your baby's room and your kid's craft table! Here's how Heather put it together:

"In order to create the look I used a white baby towel, but any solid white fabric would work ( pillowcase, onesie, white carrier etc.)

Then I cut out about 10 red and 10 blue triangles in various size from regular construction paper. I also saved the inside portion of the triangles to add some solid shapes.

Using a google image of Topegi I arranged the triangles as close to the image as possible. I stuck them on using double sided tape. You could also draw the triangles if you wanted, but I liked being able to rearrange the triangles once my baby was in the carrier.

To finish Topegi cut yellow construction paper like a crown. Because my baby is so young I stuck the crown to the top of the towel. If your child has head control you could have the baby wear the crown.

For Misty all you need is a yellow shirt, blue jean shorts and some red suspenders. You could also get a red wig or spray paint your hair for a more authentic look. "

Harry Potter Family

Consider yourself crafty enough to put glue to felt? With a few hours and a quick trip to the craft store, look what Terryn conjured up!!

How to: 

Mandrake (carrier)

  1. Grab 1 tan felt sheet and fold 3 times to make a long burrito
  2. Sew the ends so it stays
  3. Tuck 2nd tan felt sheet in the flap and sew together
  4. Flip so thread is on the back
  5. Using fabric glue, glue the Mandrake sign on the felt
  6. Baby wearer(adults)


  1. 2 maroon felt sheets, trace and cut out ties
  2. 1 yellow felt sheet, cut out stripes for ties
  3. Using fabric glue, glue stripes on the tie


  1. 1 maroon fabric sheet, trace and cut out crest
  2. 1 yellow felt sheet, trace and cut out accents for the crest
  3. 1 grey felt sheet, trace and cut out gryffindor
  4. Glue yellow felt onto the maroon crest first, then the grey gryffindor on topUse safety pins to attach tie and crest to robe


  1. 2 cream felt sheets, trace and cut out 4 earsUsing fabric glue, glue two ears together to make the ears thickerDraw details on the earGet pillow case and measure how short you want the length and cut off extra
  1. Cut out head and arms hole
  2. Cut the connecting part of pillowcase where shoulders go and tie into a knot
  3. Get nylons and put waste on child’s head and measure where the top of their head comes
  4. Cut off remaining of nylons, flip inside out and sew together to make a hat
  5. Flip nylon hat right side out and sew on ears

All done!

Put on carrier first, then safety pin the mandrake pot to the carrier then put robe on after

Wherever your halloween dreams or nightmares take you, we're sending you our spookiest wishes for all the very best goblin snuggles, ghoulish kisses, and most magical memories. <3