Tips for Cold Weather Wearing

by Bryant Figueroa on Dec 16, 2019

Tips for Cold Weather Wearing

The weather outside is frightful, but this time of year is FULL of beautiful reasons to be out in it! Here are a few quick tips for you and your little one as you enjoy and explore your winter wonderland together.

1. Bundle your little one for success in light layers, and keep outerwear off them while using your carrier - too much bulk can make it hard to position baby, and too many layers can lead to overheating. Instead, make sure you have a hat, legwarmers, and cozy sock and boots on hand to cover all of baby's extremities, and consider wrapping a blanket or large coat around you, baby, AND your carrier, being careful to keep airways visible and clear.

2. Avoid babywearing in slippery, icy conditions. If you do venture out into the snow, make sure you're wearing good, non-slip boots, and move slowly and carefully!

3. If you're going to be moving in and out of stores, put your carrier on before your coat. That way, you won't be stuck wearing a super-warm jacket and a super-warm baby while you're inside. You're welcome. ;)

4. Got some hot chocolate for your neighborhood wander? Make sure any warm beverages that you consume while wearing your little one have cooled off to a baby safe lukewarm.

Wishing you the warmest and brightest winter snuggles. May all your days be joyful.